Sunday, November 23, 2008

Classical Gas

Isn't it amazing the power that is withheld within a song? And isn’t it amazing how one specific song, can inevitably snap you back into a certain memory? And just by listening to that one specific song and being brought back to this certain memory, you can remember e x a c t l y how you felt at that e x a c t moment?
Classical Gas by Eric Clapton.

We're driving down a long stretch of road, my father and I. We have our fishing rods in the trunk and the cooler packed with lunches my mother has made for us. Dad flips the cassette tape over to side A and punches it into the player. Classical Gas starts playing and it's the first time I get lost in a song. My father and I sit in silence, listening, full of anticipation, thinking about our next scheduled stop to cast our rods.
There's a feeling of comfort I get every time I hear this song. It's the same feeling I got the first time Dad played it for me. That same feeling of anticipation and anxiousness consumes me every time I bump into this song.

Anytime I go on a road trip, I tend to switch this song on and put on repeat for a while. It allows me to escape into that memory of my father and me. It allows me to escape from any stress that may be going on in my life. Stress is certainly inevitable in university, but it's not always a bad thing. It really allows you to push yourself to meet all your expectations and your goals. But it's most definitely normal to want to escape for a while, and that's exactly what I did this weekend.

Classical Gas led me on the long stretch of road to Moncton. My cousin, Meghan and I had bought tickets to see Twilight. (Reading is also an easy escape and one of my favourites.) The Twilight series has certainly become a favourite time passer for all my friends and me. My seven best friends and I worked at a children's camp in the summer time; the kids would always be talking about Edward and Bella, who we later learned were characters in Stephanie Meyer's books, which they were obviously obsessed with. So, my seven best friends and I decided to read the books and quickly became addicted to the lives of Edward and Bella. Go buy the books! Now! You'll love them and then go watch the movie. It was simply amazing.

Here we all are!

According to (Sackville's movie theatre) Twilight is going to be shown; however, being a huge Twilight fan, I refused to wait any extra days to see it on the big screen. I'll admit I'm excited for it to come to The Vogue though, because I'll, without a doubt, see it again. Going to see a movie at The Vogue during the weekend (or week!) is also a great escape and source of entertainment in Sackville. They have midnight movies on Fridays for only two bucks which are always a treat to get out and see!

So, now I'm sitting in the bus terminal with my Twilight movie stub in my pocket, ready to stick on my bulletin board where I stuff most of my memorabilia. So, here I sit with my iPod in my hand, headphones in ears, waiting for Eric Clapton to take me back to Sackville...