Monday, April 26, 2010

Alcohol vs. Life

I strive for so much more than what I see around me.

A big part of why I dislike Cape Breton is because of peoples' statuses on Facebook. They're constantly bragging about how drunk they're going to get, how drunk they are or how hungover they're going to be. It's noon, and people feel the need to brag about them being "2 beer deep".

I'm not saying drinking doesn't exist everywhere - especially with this generation - but it's particularly prominent in Cape Breton. It nauseates me how obsessed people are with the fact they go out, get sloshed and hit up The Main Event at least twice a week. 90% (Note: this isn't an actual statistic - just a guesstimated hypothesis) of what goes on on Facebook (from the perspective of my own profile, and looking at my News Feed) involves people posting pictures of them doing shots, beer in hands, drunk times at bars, drunken status updates or wall posts about being drunk.

I'm not saying I don't enjoy going out and having a drink with friends. But I know for certain I'm over that "drink to get drunk phase" while the problem with a lot of people is that they feel the need to bask in this phase for years. When you're my age or older and you look forward to getting drunk at least two times a week - there's a problem.

I've moved from Sackville back home to Cape Breton and have been here for about two weeks. I completely understand the motivation people have to go and get drunk because "there's not much to do". However, there is SO much to do. The only problem I have is finding people to do it with. There are so many hiking trails along waterfalls and through beautiful forests that I'd love to explore.

Another thing... these people who drink at least twice a week - do they ever think about the money being spent on liqueur and going out? You can easily spend over a hundred dollars a weekend spent on cover fees, alcohol & mix, cabs and drinks/shots at the bar. Do these people who drink at least twice a week ever think about not going out for a month, banking the money they would have thrown away and saving up for something like a trip?

I strive for so much more than what I see around me. I want to see the world... I just wish I didn't have to do it alone.