Thursday, January 29, 2009

scarves, scarves, and more scarves

Let's say you're that kind of person who gets excited when the lights flicker at night while the throbbing wind beats against your window, mid-storm. It howls while blankets of snow fall from the sky, decreasing the visibility to zero. You peak outside your window and shiver, inevitably envisioning yourself in this blizzard. The weatherman casts warnings all over the television, internet and radio... and you can't help but to get your hopes up that perhaps the following day will be a snow day. You can't help but to think that maybe, just maybe, classes will be canceled and you'll be able to sleep a few more precious hours.

If you are that kind of person, I suggest you change. Classes will never, ever, ever be canceled as long as you're in university. Ok, I won't say never. SELDOM! Throughout my three years here at MtA, classes may have been canceled twice.

So, before you head off to university you should probably buy some snowshoes or ridiculously high snow boots to assist while you truck through the snow. While you're at it, perhaps you can also buy a shovel so you can shovel your path on the walk to class. Oh! Don't forget salt. You don't want to trip and fall, so you should definitely have salt to sprinkle in front of you before each step.

You think I'm being hilarious and for the most part, I am. But there is some merit to what I'm saying.

Classes will "never" be canceled - this is true. Also, the walkways will never be shoveled and the ice will never be salted. OK, I won't say never. SELDOM! (at least not before 8am, anyway). If you're one of the not-so-lucky ones like me, you'll be cursed with 8:30am classes every morning. I can easily say that campus is NEVER shoveled or salted when the early birds have to fly to their early classes. So, if you happen to be one of the early birds, make sure you take extra precaution.

If you do happen to come to Sackville for school, you can never have too many scarves. Sometimes the temperature drops to minus forty with the windchill. It gets so cold that your eyes inevitably tear up, causing them to freeze. I've walked to class with my eyelids freezing together. It gets so cold that the moisture in your nose freezes. Scarves come in handy to wrap around your face, neck, head, etc. I repeat, you can never have too many scarves!

I'm an overall bitter person when it comes to the cold and especially winter. I was never a child who was really into sledding, snowmen, and snowball fights. I've always hated the cold. In fact, that's a number one reason why I always thought Halloween should've been in the spring or summer. I don't remember one year where I enjoyed trick or treating. I absolutely hated having to walk from house to house while the freezing cold October breeze stung my face. I'd wince in pain while I begged my older sister to take me home.

So, while people get excited about the first snowfall of the year I desperately want to cry. While people pray and beg for a snowstorm, I cringe because all I can think about is walking to classes the next day in two feet of snow. While people happily trot through the snow, playfully throwing snow balls at each other, I concentrate very hard on teleporting into my warm house.

Let's go over essentials for university:
  1. drop the 'when it snows, school is canceled' mentality
  2. buy snowshoes, or tall winter boots
  3. get a snow shovel and ice salt
  4. scarves, scarves, and more scarves

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sweetest Little Thing

Well it's almost that time of the year again, folks!
The day that is equally loved and hated. Valentine's Day. Some people may argue that it is a day that is too forced and over commercialized. I agree that the idea behind Valentine's Day is overall nice, but its hype has inevitably led to a loss of romance. I, for one, would better appreciate a flower or card from my boyfriend on a random day, rather than on a set day. A random thoughtful act, in my opinion, is much more appreciated and far more romantic.

However, Valentine's Day has a love-love relationship with people here in Sackville. Every February 14th there's an event held at the Owen's Art Gallery called The Sweetest Little Thing, hosted by Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre. It's open for everyone: faculty, staff and the community. Making it a priority for me to attend the last two years, I can promise you it is a lot of fun!

As soon as you walk into the gallery doors, your eyes are bombarded with reds and pinks that people dress themselves in. Some people get really creative with the Valentine's Day spirit and dress vividly. It's a silent art auction with little art pieces, donated by artists, hung along the walls; You simply jot your name and bid price down next to the artwork that you'd like to buy! Artworks can be donated by the third year Fine Arts students at MtA so that means this is my year to submit a piece. I've started working on one, so once I finish I'll be sure to post a picture to show you.

You can read all about it here.

You can also view the submitted artworks online and even bid online! So be sure to drop by the website and check back for my piece or any other artworks that might catch your eye.

At the event, there is also a cake walk with some of the most creative and fun cakes you'll ever see that can be won! There's music, candy, drinks, and lots of fun to be had. So if you ever find yourself in Sackville for Valentine's Day, be sure to come by the Owen's and check it out.

Despite the pros and cons tied to Valentine's Day, I'm a ridiculously sappy person; therefore, this is the kind of holiday I inevitably get soaked up into. You can show appreciation and love for your Valentine without spending a dime. It's so easy to browse the shelves at stores and pick out a teddy bear or box of chocolates. In fact, it's too easy. Don't get me wrong - I, as well as most girls, will easily be swooned by a cute stuffed animal or Hallmark card stating how beautiful our eyes are; however, it can take less effort to make me feel smitten. I'm
going to lead you back to the website, because it has so many creative ideas without having to spend a dime.

So, remember to check out The Sweetest Little Thing if you find yourself in Sackville this year or any other year. Also, remember to check back for my submitted artwork.

Also, remember that Valentine's Day is just another day. So, don't feel down if you don't happen to be spending it with someone else. The idea behind it is to share it with someone you love, so who better to spend it with than some of your closest friends? Get some friends together and go out for a night on the town!