Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'll be wearing flowers in my hair.

I kind of strive for this kind of thing called adventure.  I realized this time last year that life is precious and that I want to love every minute of mine.  I think my mother envies my spontaneity and hunger for life, which is why she was eagerly pleased when I booked my flight to Paris last year.  

So, a few weeks ago, she nodded her head in approval as I browsed Air Canada for a flight to San Francisco and settled on a round trip for $500.  My friends give my choice a thumbs up, asking many questions like who I'm going with.  Myself, I reply.  They're surprised, but at the same time, not because this is what I do.  I want to see the world and I refuse to wait around on peoples' "maybe's" and "we'll see's" to join me.  I have a friend, Dena, who lives there who is originally from Nebraska.  We met online years ago, when I was fifteen, when I stumbled across, finding an online Pictionary game.  We grew to be great friends, talking every day, phoning, e-mailing, and snail mailing.  We've been saying for years that I'd have to go visit her, or she'd have to come to Canada, so finally it's happening.

And where best to travel then San Francisco?  It's drenched in art and a rich culture.  I'm going to love it.  So far, on the agenda:

Lombard St.  - the crookedest street in the world.

Nob Hill:  Home to many upper class families - where Full House was filmed (as well as many other movies and shows)
Alcatraz Island - self explanatory.

Haight-Ashbury - a famous corner in San Francisco.  You should look up its history;  It's quite interesting.

Castro District - considered the world's "best known gay neighborhood", rich with LGBT activism and events.

There are few of the many sights I'm sure I'll be seeing when I'm there.  I'll be sure to take many many many pictures, so no worries!  I fly out June 1st and stay a week; so excitement is starting to be overwhelming as I realize this is less than a month away!

I can't stop listening to Scott Mackenzie's "San Francisco" and Wave's "California".  

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emmet the allisonian said...

Oh man. As a queer hippy child, I am hella jealous right now. I've wanted to visit San Francisco for quite some time now...although I've always been a bit worried that my incessant nostalgia might never be properly satiated without a time-machine...

I'll be interested to read what you think of SF in the current decade, though. It is perhaps an underrepresented era in my readings on places I want to go...