Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put down the cookie

Ok, so it's Sunday night and you're thinking to yourself, "I'm starting tomorrow!"

I've been there before, too.  Many many times.  The thought sets in, more than likely, after you've stuffed your face with countless calories and sat on your ass all day.  So, you want to start eating healthy and exercising.  It lasts maybe a day or two, and then it rains.  You're sitting at the table peering out the window and say to yourself, "Well, I can't go for a walk or run today... so I'll just take a day off."  Then you think, "Well, if I'm taking a day off I may as well eat that cookie that's sitting on the counter calling my name."

And this is when you usually crash into a downward spiral .  You eat like crap and laze around all week.  Then Sunday night comes and you're thinking to yourself, "I'm starting tomorrow!


I'm here to tell you to stop procrastinating and start now!  I'm going to introduce you to my friend, Leslie Sansone.  Her in-home walk program is the best program I've ever been introduced to.  It's motivating and, well, let's face it... some of us aren't physically or mentally equipped to handle the pressures of going to the gym and having to work out in the presence of unbelievably fit people.  It actually nauseates me and makes me less motivated.  So... with Leslie's program you can walk miles upon miles - rain or shine - in the very comfort and privacy of your own home.

You can purchase her DVD's mostly anywhere.  I downloaded a few of her DVD's through torrents online.  I recommend the 4 Mile Super Challenge.

In the summer during camp, my friend Donna and I would pop in the DVD and workout after the kids went to sleep.  The guy counselors would point fingers and laugh at us.  We told them not to laugh until they tried it.  So, they did... and they agreed that it was a super challenge and legit workout.  The workout DVD became something we all did every night as a team.  It felt great to be able to push ourselves to the fourth mile.  It's so rewarding and you feel so great.

Every mile is 15 minutes, so you can decide to quit whenever you want.  I usually try to push myself to go all the way.  The workout is great if you just want to keep healthy or if you're trying to reach a weight loss goal.  The benefits are: a stronger heart and lungs, conditioned muscles which give you a faster metabolism, flexibility and strength! It's so easy and easy enough for absolutely everyone to do it.  

Go to her website to watch some introduction videos, browse around the website, and read some success stories!  

So... put down the cookie, pop in the DVD and go walk a mile or two.  You'll feel great!

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