Monday, January 4, 2010

persistence pays

I'm back in Sackville now with high hopes that this semester is going to be a breeze. I only have one class on Monday and Wednesday from 8:30-11:30am... and that's it.

Why, you ask?

Well, two of my courses are studio courses which in previous years took up 12 hours in my school week. However, because these courses are independent ones this year, I work independently in my own time. I'm taking my elective course through correspondence, which I also do in my own time. Other than that, according to my audit form that I filled out, I have everything I need to graduate! It feels fantastic! This semester is going to be such a load off and a great way to end my years at Mount Allison.

Makesure you don't leave your audit form to your last year. An audit form is a form specific to your degree and it tells you what courses you need to graduate. So, you check off what ones you have and need. If I hadn't have done it I would've had a full semester... but I'm not doing to dish out money for extra courses when they're not necessary for my BFA. You can print off your audit form on the MTA website.

I've been refreshing my transcript almost every half hour. I'm waiting for one more mark and the anticipation of its final stamped arrival on the website is driving insanity through my veins. As soon as that mark is in, my transcripts will be sent to Cape Breton University and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. So, ultimately, my acceptance into either of those schools is waiting on this one mark.

I have only three months before I wave goodbye to the place that has shaped me in more ways than I ever could have initially anticipated. I only have three months before I way goodbye to Sackville forever. I'm not looking forward to packing up the last four years... that's for sure. After your first year of university, you just take what you need home for the summer and you end up leaving whatever you won't need (winter clothing, bedding, towels, etc.). So, I've basically been saving up a reckless amount of junk throughout my moves through residences and apartments. My parents have come to terms with the fact we'll have to rent a U-Haul in order to comfortably take everything back to Cape Breton (or Halifax... depending on that acceptance letter I'm anxiously waiting for).

My boyfriend, Liam, told me that if I haven't heard anything by March that I should e-mail whomever I need to in order to irk a response. "The squeaky wheel gets greased"after all. That's a good quote to keep in the back of your mind. It's so true. There are so many times my mother can ignore my continuous yells of her name until she gets sick of my persistence and finally responds, "WHAT!"

So, keep that in mind. If you really want something... (like the attention of your mother) continuously try to get it... and eventually you will.

Persistence does pay off in the end.

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