Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little of This & That

It certainly feels good to have the slate wiped clean and start fresh this semester. After my first week of classes, I'm feeling enthusiastic and motivated to stay on top of things. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy all my classes, as long as I keep up with the work.

It can be extremely easy to fall off track, and sometimes it can be even easier to stay off track, than to go through the effort of getting back on again. When you're in university, you're not under the constant supervision of your parents (or other guardians), so you inevitably feel tempted to do things you may not have been able to do when you were still at home. You may feel tempted to watch an excessive amount of TV, go out and "party" more often than you should, stay up late, and sleep in late.

It's extremely important that you don't get caught up in all of that and that you keep in mind why you're in university in the first place. You're there to get a degree, so keep focused on that goal. There's nothing wrong with watching television, partying, staying up late or sleeping in, but make sure you get your work done first. You'll enjoy your "extracurriculars" so much better when you're not trying to repress your stress due to the work you haven't done yet!

Putting aside an hour each day to do your work, is much better than leaving it go until the weekend and rushing to get it finished before your class. You'll feel great having done it way in advance!


I signed my lease for my apartment next year. Leah (my current roomie) and I are living with my other friend, France. I'm excited because it's about seven minutes closer to campus than where I am at now, and it's also a short walk to the grocery store. We took a tour of the three-person place and we fell in love with it instantly. It's perfectly cozy and we're anxious to move in. It's also a lot cheaper than my rent now and everything is included in the monthly fee; therefore, a lot of my current stress will be diminished because I won't have to worry about dishing out money for separate bills every few weeks.

It'll be May before we know it and I'll be moving in to the new place. I can't believe the first semester is over already. I'm so much closer to entering my last year here at Mount A. Spring break will be flying around the corner in no time; although, it's technically not "spring" break because it's still winter. So, I'll refer to it as "reading week" as that is what it's officially known as. I have no big plans for reading week, but I do know that I'll be going home to the Cape.


I'm going to do something a little different for my next blog. It will be a "pictorial blog" where the whole thing will basically be narrated in pictures. I'm doing this, so you'll get a better idea of what my life is like here at MtA, and really get a feel for it through my eyes.

Take care, folks!
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