Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, who am I?

I've been so caught up in my alternate life and alternate blog that it feels like I've been completely abandoning this one.  I've finally leaked the web address out;  I figured the more viewers it attracts, the more viewers who don't know who I actually am will access it.  It turns out that my friends, people who know exactly who I am and what goes on in my life, are completely caught up in this different world that I pretend to live in.  My friend Lana confessed to me that she refreshes the webpage everyday, anxiously waiting for updates.  It's only been up, really, for a full week but it's gaining recognition.  My friends who aren't aware of its significance or purpose curiously navigate through it, and then approach me asking about it.  They tell me, too, that they're intrigued with its storyline.

So, I suppose I'll tell you what it is - so you can bookmark the website. I decided to include my actual friends in the storyline.  They make videos and blogs, as well, and have created their own alternate identities which tie into mine.  My pseudo-name is Bailey Mayfield.  Everything is linked on my website at: www.bailsmayfield.tk . There are four other key characters in my story which you will learn about.  I try to update it everyday, either with a blog or video.  My characters will blog or vlog which will drive me (Bailey) to respond in some way.

I was on the phone with my mother recently when I was telling her about the art project.  She was intrigued.  She laughed when I told her my pseudoname, as it was my alternate name I gave myself when I was twelve.    She scribbled down the webpage URL and told me she'd pass it on.  I warned her that there was much profanity and explicit material, so I'm warning you now.  I laughed and reminded her that I'm just acting.

Liam, my boyfriend, plays my ex-boyfriend in my narrative.  He blogs independently.  I don't tell any of my friends (characters) what to say or write.  They operate completely on their own.  We're all getting caught up in our own alternate egos.  It's funny because it has actually caused some tension between Liam and I, as we express anything but love for eachother through our blogs.  We were talking on the phone recently and he said, "I'm seeing a different side of you.  I don't like it."  I laughed and responded, "But it's not me... I'm only acting."  I flew off the rocker when I (or shall I say Bailey) read one of his recent blogs.  It's crazy how us, ourselves, are getting caught up in this alternate world... so I can only imagine how visitors are reacting (and visitors who think it's all factual and real!)

That's the website's purpose.  To interact with visitors and viewers as Bailey Mayfield, my alternate personality.  Like I mentioned previously, people get totally caught up in drama and conflict - especially other peoples' drama and conflict.  This is why we love reality TV so much.  But is it really reality?  How much of it is truly real? I've created my very own internet soap, except I'm going to push the boundaries - not at first, but eventually.  I'm going to explore the taboo.  So, bookmark the website and keep checking back.  Feel free to add Bailey as a friend and post comments.  Interact with her, and she'll interact with you.  Pass it on to your friends!  



Plforestell said...

I love your alter-blog.

shaunbright said...

Is this alter blog no longer around? I'm a little late to the party but I find you incredibly intriguing.