Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fake 'N Bake

The one place I'll never step foot in is a tanning bed salon. I'm almost certain I'm the only one left in this world who hasn't conformed to the "necessity" to get an insta-tan.

Tanning bed salons usually are busiest right before high school proms, semi formals. and before spring break. People feel a need to turn their skin pigment a golden brown to achieve a heightened sense of beauty. I'm not denying the fact that tans are aesthetically pleasing; I am suggesting going about other ways than tanning beds (if you must satisfy your urge to tan!).

It has been PROVEN that tanning beds increase the risk of cancer, so why so eager to call up and make an appointment? I guess it's the same with cigarettes. The warning label is right on the package, yet people still buy them to satisfy the addiction. That's exactly what tanning is in today's society - an addiction.

The UVA rays that are emitted from the Ultraviolet A light sources in tanning salons are two to three times more powerful than the UVA rays which occur naturally from the sun.

We pretend to be oblivious to the consequences; We adapt to some sort of comfortable understanding that the consequences will never affect us. This deliberate oblivion drives us to pick up the phone and make an appointment at the nearest cancer tanning salon.

People our age who use the beds regularly have a melanoma risk eight-fold higher than people who never use tanning beds.

There are lotions that do the same trick as the sun and are cancer-free. Look into them.

Here's one for example. Oil of Olay's Touch of Sun. My mother, sister and I have used this product for years and have never run into any difficult. The scent is not too strong and we've never had to deal with streaks. There are also self tanning towelettes you can purchase at drugstores. I've used these as well and have not had any problem with streaking. If "streaking" is your excuse for resorting to tanning beds, you're not using the product correctly!

Besides, I'd rather have streaky or pale skin than have to deal with the horrific consequences of tanning beds.

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