Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Pseudoname.

For my Open Media class, we have to create what's called a "time based" art project.  This is art that's created over a period of time.  The mediums and options are endless so I'm going to explain to you my proposal and what I'm doing.

Two things I've been doing since I was young are:
1.  writing in my diary
2. creating websites

I've had many diaries and journals I've been keeping since I was seven years old.  Writing is always something I've been passionate about;  I find it very therapeutic.  It's a way of remembering my past and keeping memories alive/vivid.  It's such a treat being able to flip through the years and read about how I felt during different situations.  

When I was younger, I remember a few times that I would make up stories and then write about them in my diary.  I'd make up stories about my life to inevitably intertwine them into my memories.  I guess I thought that if I wrote them down, it would be believed to have happened and to be true.  Nothing big.  It was always small things - small things that I wanted - like having a boy ask me to dance.  It was a rare occurrence when I was 12 years old, but I remember specifically writing in my diary that many boys were fighting over the opportunity to dance with me.  True?  Not at all, but writing it made me feel good about myself; It gave me the opportunity to slip into another life/identity.

It's a known face that people assume the internet is legit and a reliable source; Really, people are oblivious to the fact that you can't always believe what you read.  This is a fact I'm going to be playing off with for my art project.

So, for my project, I've created a "fake" website reflecting a whole new identity.  It's beefed up with blogs and videos.  I want to convince my visitors into believing that my identity actually exists.  I'm striving to have people caught up into the drama and life I'm creating for myself.  I want them to feel my pain and to feel my happiness.  My visitors will follow along and dig through the life of my fake persona.  

I'll wait a bit before linking you the website, or perhaps if you do some digging you can stumble across it on your own!

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