Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Fine Arts Students Aren't Smart!"

I was hanging with a group of my friends, discussing exams and the arrival of summer break. When asked what exams I have and when, I responded "I have one exam on the 18th." Eyes rolled and they muttered, "fine arts students" under their breath.

Allow me to rant:

1. Nothing drives me more insane than overhearing conversations that involve rants about how unfair it is that Fine Arts students don't have to deal with the same amount of stress that other students do.


2. OK, maybe one thing drives me more insane - and that is overhearing Fine Arts students saying things like, "Oh, don't ask me to figure out math - I'm a Fine Arts student." "It's OK if I can't spell that word, I'm a Fine Arts student."

OK SERIOUSLY. If you've said one of the quotes above and you're a fine arts student, then please don't bother reading the rest of this entry. If you have said one of the quotes above, you make it OK for people to place such stereotypes on us "Fine Arts students".

1. Math was my best subject in school.
2. I'm a grammar fanatic.
3. I was on the honor roll for the six years that make up junior high and high school.

I'm good at painting and drawing like some people may be good at chemistry or physics. Just because I'm in the Fine Arts program does NOT mean the workload isn't as stressful. Art is also a chore when it comes to assignments; there are standards to be met and the stress level is high.

"Oh, Fine Arts students don't have it as rough because THEY don't write exams."

We've written exams before. We know what it's like to study and prepare for an exam. Have you made a portfolio before?

My point exactly. A lot of people have no idea what it's like to dedicate yourself and time completely into making a portfolio for three studio classes. I'm not saying it involves more work than studying for an exam - AT ALL - I'm saying the work is equivalent.

We're just as stressed as people studying for exams.

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