Thursday, March 12, 2009

When I'm up, I can't get down.

So, I'm in Halifax and words can't describe my excitement. I left Sackville this morning on the bus and arrived in Halifax three hours later. I'm sitting in my friends', Andrew and Meg's apartment surrounded by eight of my friends. The guys are clumped around the TV, sipping beer and playing NHL on the x-box; The girls are sprawled out on the couches, listening to Great Big Sea, and gossiping. We have about four hours before we head out to the concert. That means we have four hours to eat some pizza, get ready, and have some drinks.

It's only Thursday but I know the weekend is going to be great. Sackville is a great location because I'm able to get away to Halifax (where a lot of my friends happen to be) and it's only a three hour bus ride away.

We've been counting down to this concert for months now and I can't believe the day is actually here. Already, the sun is starting to shine a little brighter and I can feel its warmth increase each day we get closer to the summer. I've drawn the conclusion I'm ridiculously anxious to move out of my current house and move into my new one. We got another oil bill today - $92 each. We just paid another oil bill less than two weeks ago, on top of an electric bill, and the rent. Next year our apartment is only going to be $400 each per month - everything included and I CANNOT WAIT to not have to worry about bills every two weeks. It will be a major load off.

But the fact that I can feel Spring coming around the corner is getting me excited. I've already started packing to move. My friends think I'm crazy to start packing so early; However, it's not the same as the last two years. The last two years I was in residence and all of my stuff was confined to a small space which was my dorm room. This year, all of my stuff is sprawled out all over the house in every room. It's going to take me a while to gather it all up, sort it, and pack it. So, I've started now to avoid "stress overload" as the end of April gets closer.

Alright, I think it's time for me to join in on the singing of Great Big Sea songs to get me pumped for the concert.

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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