Friday, May 15, 2009

Repress No More

In many ways, I try to convince myself I live a life very much outside one would consider a comfort zone.  However, I've recently (as in the last ten minutes) realized that I deliberately bury myself into oblivion.  Every time I hear about unfortunate things happening I purposely block it out, and in some ways, am selfish because I choose to be completely soaked up into my own "problems".  When in actuality, I have nothing but a fantastic life and shouldn't complain or stress out about anything.  I know I'm not the only person like this.  We all complain and bitch about school or work stress, relationship problems, lack of money, not being able to purchase something we desperately hunger for in the mall... when there are people who "suffer" from far worse complications and situations.  These people don't want pity or sympathy from anyone - including themselves.  

Someone diagnosed with a life threatening disease isn't going to wallow in self pity.  They see one thing - survival, and they'll keep their spirits high and do what they have to do in order to truck through the treacherous situation.

So why is it, that when people in terrible situations don't bitch and complain - but when you (me, or anyone) bump your leg, you'll complain and bitch to your heart's content and let everyone know how pissed off you are that your bruise is going to clash with the color of the dress you were supposed to wear Saturday night.  

I think a lot of us repress these terrible situations that people are going through because it's painful to acknowledge it.  We can't really be selfish can we?  Why do we choose to purposely repress the world around us?  Why do we close our eyes or turn our heads when we walk by a homeless person begging for change on the corner of the street?  We see them.  We know they're there.  So why?  Why do we keep on walking with our heads held high?

I think I'm finished complaining about bruises.  I think I'm finally ready to step outside of the circle I painted around myself.  I'm ready to open my eyes and look at the world around me.  I'm finished with repressing.

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