Tuesday, March 2, 2010

snail mail

When I was little, I would anxiously wait for my father to check the mail. I'd scurry over to the table as he'd throw down a handful of envelopes and flyers. My eyes would widen and my heartbeat would quicken, soaked up in the possibility of seeing my name scribbled across an envelope.

There have been a ridiculous amount of benefits with the evolution of technology but one thing I hate is how nobody communicates in letters anymore. I still check my mail, rummaging through envelopes and flyers, hoping to come across an envelope with my name scribbled across the front (something other than a cable, internet, or phone bill).

There's something so personal and precious about a hand written letter. Because everyone communicates in Facebook messages, MSN instant messaging and e-mails, perhaps "snail mail" is even more personal and precious now than ever.

I want to introduce you to a website I was told about. www.sendsomething.net is a website where you put in your mailing address and have people send you random postcards, letters, knick knacks, artwork, and just silly little random things to make you smile. You can browse through many profiles and addresses of people who would love to receive something from you and they'll happily return the favour. This website makes me unbelievably happy knowing that there are people in the world who value the preciousness and simplicity of a handwritten letter. There's something so satisfying and heartwarming knowing that the person you decide to send something to will be delighted to see their name scribbled across an envelope in your handwriting.

So, go register for that website. Maybe I'll come across your profile and send you something in the mail that will make you smile (only if you promise to return the favour!)